Thursday, August 11, 2011

Same products, different looks...

I still spend a lot of my time learning and experimenting. This is my most recent experiment using the same products on canvas to create different looks. These are 4 x 6 canvas panels to which I applied a thick layer of gesso and then used different items to create texture. I then applied color using 2 acrylics, 2 inks and 3 oil pastels using various methods. The only tools I used were a spray bottle, eye dropper and my fingers. I ended up with 3 very different pieces...

Bubble wrap was used to create texture on this one.

A comb was used on this one.

For this one I used a foam stamp, it's my favorite of the 3.
You are welcome to download these to use in your art.
Off to finish up another batch of Artist Trading Cards.
Have a great afternoon.

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