Friday, February 03, 2012

Girl No.2...

She was happy just where she was
Still in week 1 of the SheArt workshop and this is girl #2. My first attempt at blonde hair, think I like the darker hairs...easier to do. Love this phrase, it speaks volumes about me and my life today, guess it's only fitting the she is blonde.
I find that my favorite part of the whole process, of creating these girls, is the clothes. I love making the little outfits. Interesting since I'm not a big fashion or clothes person, my style in comfortable and urban thrift shop, prefer blue jeans, tops and cardigans. Only own 5 pairs of shoes. I think it's just my inner child that takes over when I am playing with these, just as I played with and made paper dolls when I was young girl. Having so much fun.
Have a wonderful day!

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Jean said...

Aww she is adorable! Wonderful talent Shannon!