Thursday, March 29, 2012


The theme for one of the Pocket Packet Fridays challenges at PDA this month is Denim. Wasn't really sure what I was going to do until I saw a cute little pair of blue jeans in the dollar bin at Goodwill last week. They were size 6 months, so cute and tiny and the pockets on the back were perfect. I created the handle using very heavy gauge wire I found at Lowe's, I've been using it to make easels for my 4 x 6 canvas panels. I hand stitched the pockets together, adding the handle as I got to the top of each side. I cut a small piece of florist foam, inserted it into the pocket and covered with Spanish moss. A cute little display for a few stick pins.
A quick and easy project.


Robin said...

This is such a sweet little pocket! Love how you added the spanish moss and florist foam for the stick pins. Have a great weekend.


Jean said...

Girl! You never cease to amaze me!