Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A journal and a story...

I recently took the online journal workshop, Remains of the Day, which was a total blast. I loved everything about it. The best part is using up piles of stash I've collected. Details of the workshop are on the right sidebar.
I'm using my journal for our beach trip in July...

I enjoyed the random sewing throughout the process

A transparency stitched to create a pocket for a photo

ZigZag stitches

A doily and page from a magazine

A few tickets

A diecut and random stitching

Illustration is from a travel book on Spain that I found at a thrift store, I think it's a hoot, more stitching and a scrap of fabric

Pages all stacked up

Finished signatures

I loved making the cover...that's when I decided it was going to the beach with me.
My Beach Journal, all ready to go and so am I.

Now, for the story...A few months ago, I broke my sewing machine. It was totally my fault and I tried to fix it myself but no luck. I finally took it in to be repaired and as it turned out, not a big fix, the gentleman took about 10 minutes and charged my $5. So excited that I didn't have to leave it because I was itching to get started on this workshop. While he was working, we chatted about sewing and at some point he asked me what I sewed. I told him I used to sew clothes and costumes however for the past couple of years I've only used it to sew paper and for mending. His reaction was priceless, you sew what? I repeated myself and then began to try and explain...after a moment or so I gave up and I think he was's one of those things, if I have to explain, you wouldn't understand. Too funny!
Enjoy your day!

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Robin said...

I can tell you enjoyed the class Shannon, your journal is wonderful.