Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cottage Love...

6 x 6 canvas

One of the pieces I had finished before I got sick.

I went back to the  Neuro Ophthalmologist yesterday and had more tests done. My vision field has improved and there is no damage to my optic nerves  however my vision is still impaired. She agrees with the Neurologist that the vision issues are a result of the stroke rather than the disease. It affected the area of my brain that controls my vision. Getting new glasses that will help with some close up vision however probably will never drive again. I'm ao thankful for the healing that has occured and will learn to live with my new limitations however I am in the process of seeking second opinions. It will be a slow process to create again but looking forward to doing whatevere I can once I get my new glasses.
The journey is still on going.


alveen said...

Hi Shannon
Your bright and happy outlook has always been reflected in your art. I'm sure that with your great attitude you will be back creating more wonderful pieces before too long.
Hugs Alveen

Tammy said...

So sorry to hear about your recent health issues. I do hope that you will continue to heal and be well. Staying positive and continuing to move forward despite limitations will certainly help in the process. Take care, Tammy

Robin said...

Healing thoughts and prayers go out to you Shannon.