Friday, May 24, 2013


It's been a great week and quite productive.
I celebrated my 53rd birthday on Tuesday, a pretty normal day because I celebrate each and every day. After all I went through last Summer, I know that every day is a gift. Lots of extra love and wishes received. I am so very blessed.
My rose is in full bloom, a gift I received on my last birthday. So pretty.

Polymer clay and bead pendants I've been working on.

A couple of close ups.

Another project complete...Farmhouse, 12 x 12 mixed media box. The photo was taken in 1944, the farmhouse my father lived in as a boy. I The rusted elements are pieces I found several weeks ago at a local, abandoned homesite.
A fabulous week!

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Lee said...

Happy Birthday!! I lvoe the pendants you've been working on. I think my creativity is in permanent hiding!!