Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A different kind of painting...

After 11 months of being pretty much home bound, I'm on the road again. On our way home from vacation, I decided I just had to get back behind the wheel and get myself driving on my own. The first 6 months after my stroke, I couldn't drive. Then I slowly started again and did fine however I was filled with fear, so stressed and unable to relax and decided that I might have to live with not being able to go on my own. While on vacation I did an lot of thinking and soul searching. I realized that I needed my independence back and so I made the decision and ran (or drove) with it. Within a week, I was on my own and have been burning up the roads for 3 weeks now. I feel alive again.
One of the things I've done is take a furniture painting class at Blue Sky Cottage.
Here is my piece...
After 2 coats of Maison Blanch Paint in Colette.
Today I added a coat of dark wax. Isn't this color just awesome!
I post more photos when I get it finished.

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Lee said...

Congrats on driving again!! Proud of you for getting over your fear.

The paint is cool, too!