Friday, April 13, 2012

Book report...

After deciding to participate in the Artistic Alpha challenge at Paper & Digital Arts, I found this book at Ollie's. Ollie's is a close out store and has a huge book section. I've purchased several popular art books for $1.99 each, regular price $24.95. Makes me smile everytime I go into Michael's or A C Moore and see them at full price.
Author, Lynne Perrella, is a fabulous artist and she's often featured in Somerset Studio magazine. Stampington & Co. also carries a line of her artist papers. The book features the art of 14 artists and is a collaborations of journals based on the letters of the alphabet. Every page is filled with inspiration and it's a go to book when I'm having a hard time getting started on a project.
Definately a great buy at $1.99 however well worth the cover price, in my opinion.


Robin said...

What a great deal....wish we had an Ollie's here. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


Lee said...

Jealous!! I would love to look at this book. You know, maybe we could make journals, then swap them! I have a hard time doing this too, but if it was for someone else... hehehe, wishful thinking!!

Shannon said...

Thanks Robin.
Lee...would love to do a swap with you!