Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Creative space...

It's been a work in progress for weeks now and finally seeing some sense of normalcy again.
I moved my creative space into where my shop used to be which is an enclosed porch on the front of our home.
After closing the shop, we boxed up all the inventory and I started from scratch.
Here is what it looked like...

It's a long narrow space, 7' x 30' with pegboard on all but the 2 end walls.
I've still got a ways to go but at least now I can find everything and get back to creating on a regular basis.
Now keep in mind, I don't have a space that is all coordinated and beautiful to look at. My space is filled with mismatched items but it's functional and it works for me...
This is a view of the inside of the front door, used to be where customers entered the shop.
Here is the rest of my space...
My worktable is on the left.
Still need to get curtains but that will have to wait for now.
My patterned paper, sorted by manufacturer, a bookcase filled with items to alter.
More cardstock than I will ever use plus stickers, chipboard and rub ons hung on the pegboard.
My Cricut and sewing area.
Ribbon storage and cutting area.
A close up of my work table.
Cubicles for lots of storage, the bins are the only new purchase, got them at the dollar store.
Like I said, it's not pretty but I love it. Still looking for a few rugs but for the most part it's ready.
Hope you enjoyed the little tour.
Have a great day.
Be back soon.


Elise said...

loved the tour - thanks so much for sharing !

Robin said...

What a beautiful space Shannon! I love how organized you are and the fact that you have so much stuff in such a small space! This would be anyones dream creative space. I especially like your ribbon storage and cutting area.