Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A few things to share...

My brother found these in an abandoned house along with several metal racks and smaller test tubes. In looking closer at the test tubes here I believe a few are actually cigar tubes, I can still see remnants of the labels. He finds things from time to time on job sites and brings them to me. The last time he showed up with the "foot" from a claw foot bathtub. One man's trash...

I love decorating for the holidays and have a lot of decorations especially for Fall and Christmas. This is my favorite Halloween decoration.

As the holidays get closer, I try to prepare ahead of time as much as possible. Each year I do a mini album for Halloween and this is the one I put together for this year. I used mini file foldrs from a Rusty Pickle class kit I've had for at least 3 years and had never used. I used assorted patterned papers and all are scraps left from other projects. Once I add the photos, I'll add more embellishments. I'll share again once it's finished. I also have my Gratitude album for this year ready to go and will share as we get closer to Thanksgiving.
Another busy day ahead...I've been printing photos since 7am for my PhotoWords and hope to get them all framed today, have 13 to go.
Hope you have a fantastic day.
Be back soon.

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Robin said...

Very cool tubes and holder and your Halloween album looks lovely!