Saturday, October 17, 2009

Relaxing weekend...

That's what I have planned since the wet weather of the past few days kept me from the show I had planned. Paper and damp weather just do not mix.
Enjoying a hot cup of coffee and catching up on my blog reading this morning. This is how I feel...

Ready to sit back and enjoy.
I've been working on my first attempt at making an art journal and I began putting together a mini album for this year's Halloween photos last night.
Found a couple of great image sights while exploring this morning, Vintage Art Downloads and Free Antique Images, which is where I found the image above. Already have a little project in mind with this one.
Hope to head out to a festival tomorrow, just haven't decided which one yet. That's how we roll, we get in the car and go.
Hope your weekend is wonderful...and dry.
Be back soon.

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