Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring things...

It's been a gray week, lots of rain and clouds. So happy to see the sun shining this morning although rain is supposed to return tomorrow.
Sharing a few Spring items with you today...

This is the card I made for Wes & Michelle, not a coinsidence that it's done in the same colors as the wedding.

I took this photo last week, they have already hatched and hoping to get a photo of the babies this afternoon.

We spend a couple of nights a week at one ball field or another between Tyler's T-Ball and Sarah's softball. Last night Sarah's team played their final game, a nail biter, and won, ending the season with a perfect record, winning all 17 games! Congratulations Lady Bees!!!

Tyler has a couple more weeks to play.
Enjoy your day!
Be back soon.

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