Sunday, May 16, 2010

A weekend to remember...

It was a long ride down and a long ride back however the day and a half we were on the island were absolutely wonderful. We left home at 5am Friday and got to Ocracoke at 1pm. By 2pm, we were on the beach hanging out with all the girls. Dad hosted a fabulous dinner for all the friends and family that evening at Howard's Pub, great seafood and perfect setting. Saturday morning, day of the wedding, we awoke to 4omph winds but plenty of sunshine. Hugh and I spent most of the morning walking around the village and then I attended a Bridal Luncheon at the Back Porch Restaurant while he hung out at the house. After the luncheon, we explored some more and then we got ready for the wedding.
The ceremony was so touching and magical although cut short by the high winds and blowing sand. Afterward most everyone came back to the house for a little reception, followed by a big party, more great food from the Back Porch and a delicous cake filled with raspberry sauce. We had the most wonderful time. It was great that both the families of the bride and groom were able to stay in the same beach house, no drama, lots of laughs and good times.
I took almost 400 photos while we were there. Here are a few of my favorites from the wedding although totally out of sequence...

Michelle & Wes arriving back at the house after the ceremony. A snap on her dress broke when she was getting into the car to come back and like a good husband, he's making sure everything is as it should be.

Her engagement ring belonged to Wes' mom. She wore it with love, devotion and pride for almost 30 years.

Michelle and her dad.

Sweet Miss Emma

Kylie, one of Michelle's lovely neices.

The wind didn't phase her a bit.

My baby brother, what a handsome fellow.

Hard to hear with all the wind and crashing waves but sooooooo romantic.

Waiting patiently.

One of my favorite photos.

So lovely...
A beautiful couple, we are all so very happy for them.
I'll share more from the weekend when I can, a lot on my plate right now.
Thanks for stopping by.
Be back soon.

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Robin said...

What a beautiful couple! Your pictures are just wonderful...thanks for sharing!