Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A willing heart...

Nothing in this world is impossible to a willing heart. Abraham Lincoln
12 x 12 on canvas

This is the very first piece I worked on after I came home from the hospital the last time. I got the background started at the urging of my family and then put it aside. I wasn't ready at yet and I knew if I tried to force the issue, it wouldn't be healthy. I was still very visually impaired at that point and not certain of the future. I tried to stay positive but there were days that it was harder than others. I looked at it almost everyday, even on my worst days, I atleast walked in my studio to see if the urge to create was there. Eventually, I picked it up again, added some more paint and set it aside again. When I heard this quote several weeks ago, I just knew this piece was where it belonged.  This quote sums up how I feel. I knew I needed my art to heal and when I let go of my fear and let my heart lead me, I was ready.

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