Sunday, November 18, 2012


Earth laughs in flowers
4 x 12 canvas
Another flower experiment, like the first one I created much better but this is still a bright and happy piece. Now working on a third flower.
Started framing my  large piece and found out it's actually 18 x 24, not 16 x 20 as I thought. So I guess that's means I accomplished more than I thought I had. Always a good thing. Will get it posted soon.
It's been a beautiful weekend, time at the Gallery, delivering orders, painting and journaling. My eyesight seems a bit more blurred this morning but I imagine the eyes are a bit tired. Need to take more time to rest them but when I get going it's hard to stop. Taking a break this morning then it's an afternoon of football, racing and art, quite a combination but it's what I enjoy.
Have a wonderful day.

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