Friday, November 02, 2012

Plan B...

Wilted Sunflower
Photo taken June 2012
I took this photo just before we left for vacation. Even in it's wilted stage, I still think it is beautiful.

It's been a long 3 months and I've kept strong and optimistic however I''m alo a realist. That's why I've always had Plan B on the back burner. I hoped and prayed that I would continue to get better however I knew there was the possibility that I would have some long terms affects from the stroke.

Both doctors I've seen  agree that my vision issues are permanent at this stage.  My new glasses came in on Wednesday and although eyesight is a bit sharper, impairment still the same. I will continue to seek answers however it's time to try and get my life back to as normal as possible. I've been collecting items to aid my vision for several weeks and doing as much as I can around the house and yard. I've also gotten back into my studio some. I cannot do anything detailed but I can paint and have worked on a few backgrounds. Sharp objects are kept at length and my wonderful husband cuts out anything I need. I also realize that I may never get to drive again but again my husband has said over and over, he will take me anywhere I want to go. I'm extremely lucky. Creating has been a bit frustrating and slow going but I just keep at it. I need it to keep me sane.
I know how very lucky I am and I thank God, every day. I'm still optimistic and we are seeking second opinions but as a realist, I'm prepared to do whatever I can to live a normal life and create the art I love., that's my Plan B.

I've shared all the art I had finished before my illness and I look forward to sharing new art with you soon. As I mentioned, it's a much slower process for me now but I do as much as I can each day. My eyes also get very tired after a few hours of painting, so thankful I can still paint. So very thankful.

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Robin said...

Looking forward to seeing your new creations. Have a wonderful weekend.