Sunday, November 11, 2012


Home Sweet Home
12 x 12 canvas
More art to share, this piece was about 90% finished prior to my stroke. Finished it up a last week. Also started and finished another 12 x 12 piece and a 6 x 6 piece. It's been a great week and even better weekend. Yesterday we spent several hours downtown peddling my art, am finally starting to feel normal on a regular basis although a bit worn out. That will come in time, too. Hope you are having a great one.

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Kinuko said...

Such a nice and colorful work you did. Usually I only watch your blog but I want to tell you, I admire your strength and your fighting. Please don't give up, it's good to see that you are feeling better and have a great time anyway. Sometimes something really bad must happen to see how wonderful, short and value our life is.