Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Monday

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
I spent Saturday morning working on my display in the Heritage Crafters Gallery at the community market. The market was quite busy and I enjoyed meeting a lot of great folks. By the time I left that afternoon, I was pretty pleased with my display however had a list of things I want to do to make it more appealing. I have an even longer list of things to make. It's so wonderful to be fortunate enough to do what I love everyday.
Spent yesterday morning at my dad's, he is recovering quite well from his foot surgery, he's up and around with the aid of crutches. He's having surgery again in January and will be laid up much longer.

Just fascinating how the leaves have all fallen from one side.

Found a lot of great books at the flea market last Saturday, 11 hymnals, 2 cookbooks, 1 flower book, 9 children's books and a book on the White House, all for $8. I've already removed the Christmas hymns from one of the hymnals and made a few ornaments which I'll share soon.
Have a fantastic Monday!
Be back soon.

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