Monday, December 21, 2009

How we spent our weekend...

It began snowing here about 3:15 on Friday afternoon.

This was Friday night, already 5 to 6 inches on the ground and still coming down.
Early Saturday morning, at least 16 inches and still snowing.
Later Saturday morning, we begin to dig out, it's still snowing. It stopped sometime early afternoon. Almost 24 hours of snow. With the temperatures remaining low all week, it's expected that a lot of the snow will still be on the ground on Christmas Day.
Sunday morning, more digging.
Sunday afternoon.

By late afternoon, we can finally get to the road.
Since I couldn't go anywhere, I got all my gifts made, watched a lot of football, even got a bit of cleaning done, very productive weekend.
Hugh got to work okay this morning although it took quite a bit longer than usual. Route 29 from here to Lynchburg was a solid sheet of ice at 5:30am.
Hope you had a great weekend, enjoy your week.
Four more days...
Be back soon.

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